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Behavior Science is  dedicted to improving
the quality of life for dementia patients
the quality of work life for their caregivers
the cost effectiveness of their dementia care

We have done this through the development of non-pharmacological programs which are:
inexpensive, reliable and repilicable
provided in well organized & complete packages
implementable by your staff with our assistance

Programs are based on your discussions with our consultants during which we both access your current situation and future goals. Based on this assessment we develop an implementation package you deploy, with our assistance to meet both your current needs and future aspirations.
 All client packages consist of the following elements:
       Proven non-pharmacological interventions your
       staff uses to avoid or minimize unwanted behaviors
       Self contained kits provided for to train your staff
       on the used of non-pharmacological interventions
       Optional activities which clients use to insure       
       successful program implementation        
       Reference notebooks, interactive CDs,& research       
       used to expand non-pharmacological interventions
       Steps in which the program is sampled, planned
       purchased installed, evaluated and maintained

Mission - Provide products & services for long term care providers which:
improve the quality of care while
improving the economics of that care

Base technology - non-pharmacological tools & interventions that:
reduce or eliminate behavioral symptoms of residents with moderate to late stage dementia
are relatively easy to use and
have higher efficacy & lower cost than psychotropic medication and
do not contribute to resident polypharmacy

Base Intervention - Engineered music designed to:
capture and hold dwindling attention
feed wounded conscious processing a stream of attractive inelligable sensory information
in order to avoid the most common triggers for behavioral symptoms;  
understimulation and
cognitive dissonance

Applications - chart individual and group

Supporting programs include:
Unique staff training programs,
staff motivation, evaluation and management programs for
nursing staff
occupational, physical and speech therapists
recreation therapy